Interview Sabina McGrew , Photographer, Los Angeles     Where are you living? Los Angeles   How old are you? if you don’t mind answering) I’m in my 40’s.   What inspires you? My daughter Faye, the desert, Jodowrowski movies and  L.A. weirdness   Tell me about what you do? I’m a photographer, educator,  and-  as of lately, also a film maker   What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? I get up 6.00 am and get my kid ready for school, check emails , organize jobs, work on ideas for photo /film projects.  When my schedule allows it I either go thrifting – I have been finding the most incredible vintage furniture and props – or I go hiking or to the beach. Since I spend a fair amount of time in the car driving , I listen to a lot of music,  and then there’s all these mundane mom duties like cooking, organizing etc.. By the time I read nighttime stories to my kid I’m pretty wiped out   What are some of your favourite sources of information? At this point I rely heavily on the internet, ( I skim through NYTimes, the Guardian, BBC Spiegel online etc.. Teen Vogue does some great reporting these days ) even though my old school self really  loves reading actual newspapers –Normally I just don’t have the time unless I’m on a plane.   How has social media influenced your life? I love it and I hate it. On one level Facebook helps me stay connected with my friends abroad and there’s all kinds of entertaining art world gossip but it is such a time sucker! After Trump got elected facebook became this rather dark vortex of information. Instagram is much more visual so there’s less to digest, but it can be also redundant and rather exhausting.  A while ago after some rain we had double and even triple rainbows in Los Angeles , and virtually, seconds later these images were all over FB and Instagram-  My feed was full of them.. I was like: Please no more triple rainbows!!! I simply couldn’t take it anymore.