Interview Justine Otto, Artist, Berlin/Hamburg
Justine Otto
Where are you living? I have two opposite living surroundings. One is in the outback of civilisation where nobody comes around close to the river Elbe. And on the other hand I live in Berlin and sometimes in Hamburg.   How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) i-m 42.   What inspires you? Nearly everything can be a source of inspiration. For example music is one influence in my artwork. Some of my paintings have song titles .„Fourth Corner“ for example is a song titel from Trixie Whitley. For a while I enjoyed to visit abandonned places because the vibe of the just left and now forgotten has been a sparkling inspiration for me. I also collect old photographs and magazines as a source for my paintings.   Tell me about what you do? I paint mainly , sometimes I make sculptures and collages. Art the moment I curate some exhibitions and do the graphical work for the cataloque for the next group exhibition i’ll be part of..   What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? „A typical day“ looks like getting out oft the cosy bed and start everything with good coffee out of my ECM Cosmic coffee Machine. Than my lovely Labrador Minka wants to speed up and we go jogging in the landscape. Then I do the e-mail communication and coordinate the next exhibitions that will come. After a lot of green tea I finally start painting. I prefer to paint at night when I got the feeling to be complete on my own.   What are some of your favourite sources for information? newspaper and radio,I love listening to radio programmes at night.   How does social media influence your life? I have a fb site and I must admit that I found quite a few interesting artists on instagram. I think it`s a good source for discoveries. Sometimes I get fucked up with all this monitor staring and I stop it for a while.