Interview Ira Konyukhova, Artist, Moscow
Where are you living? Right now I live in Moscow, although Iʼm moving to Braunschweig at the end of January 2018. How old are you? (if you donʼt mind answering) 33 What inspires you? Usually something we try very hard not to notice it. Tell me about what you do? Video/Installations/Sculpture/Writing and even photography Whatʼs the structure of a typical day like for you? I usually get up at 10 am – sometimes earlier, sometimes later, I try my best anyway. Then I have breakfast until 11.30. I know itʼs long, but I need this time to prepare myself mentally for the day. Then Iʼm usually working, writing script or review of the exhibition, or the applications. Or Iʼm doing research, working on the projects regarding conceptualizing, visualizing, or cutting the film out of shot material. Itʼs usually very vague, even for me. Then Iʼm going to the openings if there are any, or for a walk for an hour, or I’m reading something Marxist. End. What are some of your favourite sources of information? Marxist books, exhibitions and exhibitions catalogs, Facebook, Russia Today and Tagesschau. How does social media influence your life? Immensely. Whatever time I get up, the first thing I do is to check my Facebook. Usually not because I’m expecting something interesting happening there, but because staring at the screen emanating white light is the best way to understand that you’re not dreaming anymore.