Interview Adeline Spengler, Artist, Paris   Where are you living? I live in Paris How old you are? I’m 46 What inspires you? My prime inspiration source is nature. I love its beauty. My pictures are made outdoors in natural environment. I’m also inspired by photographers such as Sarah Moon, Francesca Woodman, Saul Leiter, Ernst Haas and Masao Yamamoto. My mixed media paintings aim to evoke oceans, wind, earth and fire. My favourite painters are Gerhard Richter, Kandinsky, Chagall, Jackson Pollock. Tell me about what you do? I’m a photographer and a painter. What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? I’m used to stay up late because I love working at night. I’ve recently left my art director job so I can work full time on my artwork. I like to challenge myself so I try to do a painting a day. I also do photographic work. I’m currently setting up a trip on a very small island in French Brittany. Traveling is a way for me to gather inspiration and come up with new ideas. I also spend a lot of time in art shows so I can keep entertained. Paris is a great place for art. What are some of your favourite sources for information? I use the internet quite a lot. It’s a great way to follow artists and understanding what’s happening in the art world. I also read a lot of french photo’s magazines such as Fisheye magazine, Polka magazine, 6 mois. How does social media influence your life? I use social media to keep in touch with my friends. Facebook & Instagram are also great places to interact and connect with other artists.