#Trump #Pegida, #Afd… Why now?

The distances to the developing countries has declined ,
at the same time the distance of the rich has increased to the poor in the industrialized countries .

It rivaled many low earners Global among themselves and the digitization / automating
leads to more uncertain employment.
From this mixture creates a mood against the establishment.
a mood to actions leads (attacks / Elections / comments),
and the goal is to change the harmon Siche mood in a society.
The earners it to be uncomfortable. Europe and also in America allows
you to challenge yourself and things that were considered taboo to speak long.

This is also one of the reasons why in the East (East Germany, Eastern Europe)
the fear of relegation is larger and get the right feed. Of course, combined with
the fear of the unknown, which was not known for decades.
In the East there is a fortune which was built in the postwar years.
There are few industrial jobs, but much Hartz IV, minimum wage, poorly
paid services (for example, Amazon), temporary work …. It is a class war.
The then words such as lying press, attacks on politicians, comments in
social media, elections (Trump, AFD …) expresses. The grants from the west will forget.

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