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Interview Eric Seitz, Founder, Ludwigshafen

http://www.partnerseitz.de/ Startseite http://www.ludwigshafen-wow.de/veranstaltungsorte/wow-art-lu-2017   Where are you living? Ludwigshafen How old are you? 39 What inspires you? Music, the ramones, tony hawk, batman Tell me about what you do? Working and things What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? Stand up, go work, go sleep What are some of your favourite sources […]

Interview Vanja Crnojević, Co-Founder Borderfree association, Zurich /Greece/Serbia

Startseite   http://www.limmattalerzeitung.ch/limmattal/region-limmattal/schlieremer-fluechtlingshelferin-vanja-crnojevic-zum-ersten-mal-im-leben-war-ich-sprachlos-130101649 https://www.nzz.ch/gesellschaft/lebensart/gesellschaft/wo-die-wege-zusammenlaufen-1.18667809 http://www.srf.ch/sendungen/weltverbesserer/das-sind-momente-die-sich-einbrennen EUR Konto – IBAN: CH58 0900 0000 9155 0838 2 BIC: POFICHBEXXX Borderfree association Zentralstrasse 156 CH-8003 ZüricH   Where are you living? I live in Switzerland but from the beginning of refugee crises twenty months ago, my life is changed so I live two weeks in Greece/Serbia and two […]

Interview Carol Roth, Entrepreneur/ Play Herself on TV/Author/ Investor, Chicago

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carol_Roth http://www.carolroth.com/ http://www.cnbc.com/carol-roth/ https://www.entrepreneur.com/author/carol-roth   Carol Roth is an on-air contributor for CNBC, a “recovering” investment banker, entrepreneur and best-selling author. Where are you living? I kind of live in an airplane. Most of my shoes and my only husband are located in Chicago, so I call that home.  I spend at least one day a […]

Interview Florian Leibert, CEO & Founder Mesosphere Inc., San Francisco

  @flo https://angel.co/florian-leibert https://mesosphere.com/about/ http://www.doyoubuzz.com/florian-leibert https://fleibert.wordpress.com/   Where do you live? Mission, San Francisco How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) 33 What inspires you? Giving others a platform to excel. Building things (teams & products) and then optimizing them. Tell me about what you do? I’m an engineer, and have been building […]

Interview Marcela Sapone, Co-Founder and CEO of Hello Alfred, New York

@mssapone helloalfred.com/ http://www.forbes.com/30-under-30 Articles by Marcela Sapone http://www.psfk.com/2016/01/hospitality-human-interface-consumer-tech-marcela-sapone-hello-alfred.html About Hello Alfred http://www.businessinsider.de/how-alfred-founders-built-an-operationally-profitable-startup-2016-2?r=US&IR=T https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hello_Alfred Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) 29 What inspires you? People. Life is with people, they are why I get up in the morning, they can challenge you and help you learn all […]

Interview Daniela Schiffer, Co-Founder changers.com, Berlin

http://www.changers.com/ @ChangersCom @DanisTweet Where are you living? Berlin How old you are? 35 What inspires you? That’s not an easy one. What drives me is that I really want to change and improve things. That’s like the baseline. For my work I take inspirations from everywhere, things I read in articles and books, things I […]

Interview Philipp Berner, Co-Founder and CTO at KeepSafe, San Francisco

@philippberner http://www.getkeepsafe.com/ “I came to the Silicon Valley from Germany because I had the desire to build something that could last. I headed my own company in Europe called ViCommerce that had reputable clients in the fashion industry, including Hugo Boss and Marco Polo, but I wanted to build something bigger. When I met my […]

Interview Drew Ginn, Triple Olympic Gold Medalist, Founder, Melbourne

Drew Cameron Ginn , (born 20 November 1974, educated at Scotch College, Melbourne) is an Australian five-time world champion rower and triple Olympic gold medallist. Today he is Facilitator, Presenter & Director Qualia Consulting (Australia). Specialties: Leadership & Teamwork Development, Creating & supporting Change initiatives, Peak Performance, Action Learning. Athlete, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Author […]

Interview Laura Behrens Wu, Founder and CEO of Shippo, San Fransisco

@LauraBehrensWu Shippo https://angel.co/laura-behrens-wu https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurabehrenswu/de https://goshippo.com/blog/announcing-our-series-funding/ Where are you living? In San Francisco. How old are you? (if you don’t mind answering) 24 What inspires you? Determination and passion. That’s a very powerful mix. I enjoy brainstorming a lot. Tell me about what you do? I run a startup called Shippo. We simplify shipping for e-commerce […]

Interview Theresia Enzensberger, Founder and Editor, Berlin

Photo Lea Rieck @enzensberger_t http://www.block-magazin.de/ Where are you living? Berlin How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) 28 What inspires you? Mostly people who like what they’re doing Tell me about what you do? I’m the founder and editor of BLOCK Magazin. Other than that, I write for newspapers and magazines. What’s the […]

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