@philippberner http://www.getkeepsafe.com/ “I came to the Silicon Valley from Germany because I had the desire to build something that could last. I headed my own company in Europe called ViCommerce that had reputable clients in the fashion industry, including Hugo Boss and Marco Polo, but I wanted to build something bigger. When I met my cofounder Zouhair, it was apparent that KeepSafe would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to create something that appealed to the universal need to have access to control. Today, KeepSafe has over 20M users and is rapidly growing.” Where are you living? I’m living in San Francisco. How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) I’m 32 years old. What inspires you? I’m inspired by building things that change some part of people’s live and has a seguidilla the enough impact in the world to make it worth while. Tell me about what you do? I’m a programmer by trade. I’ve been working on mobile app development on a day to day base. Spend 3 years doing android, been working on iOS for the last 8 month. Think my highest value in the organization it to have a overview on how things work and be able to jump into any code base to fix problems. Besides that I’ve been focusing a lot on internal tools that make the organization more efficient. What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? Usually I come in I the morning and check what’s up for the day. Having a coffee with my people to get mindshare on what’s happening and where we are going. Trying to make sure to spend the morning on doing the right thing that make a difference for the org. Afternoon often working on things that just need to get done. What are some of your favourite sources for information? Fav sources of information are Reading up on topics I don’t know about to broaden my knowledge. For getting more depth, I thru to meet relevant people who can guide me in the right direction and then I try to read relevant things. Most of the time I read blogs from people who have domain expertise or meet them in person. When possible. How does social media influence your life? Social media influences my life in most ways of having a channel to broadcast things I’m rather private and don’t publish to much private information. I don’t have Facebook installed on my phone as i think it waste to much time.   View at Medium.com

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