Interview Sandra Mann, Artist, Photographer, Curator and Lecturer, Frankfurt

(c) Karsten Thormaehlen Where are you living? I´m living in Frankfurt, Germany and I´m working here and abroad. How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)  I´m 45 years young. What inspires you? Inspiration I get by nature, quantum physics, genderissues, creativity, smart photography, visual reception, art and my three lovely dog`s Panzer, Mañana & Juni. Tell me about what you do?  I´m a artist, photographer, curator and lecturer. What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? My typical day is to wake up, drink coffe, feed my green iguana Pepe (by the way it`s already 22 years old!) and the dogs, go for a walkies, read e-mails, arange appointments, meetings, delegate trainees, organize photoproductions or transports of artworks, meetings with collectors, other artists, curators, organize shows/exhibitions actually i don`t really have a “typical day”. Every day is filled with different topics, depending on what is to be done. One day a week I´m teaching at European School of Design „Photography & Pictorial Language“. What are some of your favourite sources for information? My facourite source for information are exhibitions, talks, calls, internet, social networks. How does social media influence your life? Through social networks I´m more easy able to stay in touch with my foreign friends, artists, curators, collectors. That`s very helpful, I can see whatever they are doing, exhibitioning or working on.  
Exhibition Doppelgänger / Torrance Art Museum USA, curated by Dr. Julia-Constance Dissel & Sandra Mann
030613-8793 Carla & Zoë auf der Suche nach Wahrheit (Enkheim, Germany), 2013, photo © Sandra Mann
180414-9564 Julia & Perle (Bayerischer Wald, Germany), 2014, photo © Sandra Mann
060814-8816 Jessica & Seerosen (Buchschlag, Germany), 2014, photo © Sandra Mann
051112-1123 Lost / Wolfgang (Offenbach-Mühlheim, Germany), 2012, photo © Sandra Mann
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