Interview Miriam Jonas, Artist,Berlin

Photo: Christoph Neumann Where are you living? – Berlin. Luckily very close to my studio. How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) – Lion from ‘81. What inspires you? Abandoned houses, weirdly-shaped spaces, architecture in general, engines, old industrial equipment, materials of any kind, music, a lot of silence, then conversations with friends, colleagues and my students at art school, drugstores, underground stations, dollar stores,… Tell me about what you do? I would call myself a sculptor, focussed on site-specific objects and installation. I create very clear, at the same time swifting and poetic space interventions.  A mix between minimalistic and figurative work. It´s about finding a three-dimensional language for a space to underline or recreate its history and already existing ambience. I‘m adapting to what I find unique and add new sculptural words. What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? I have a love-hate-relationship with a very unpredictable schedule, depending on the projects I am working on. Since I don´t stick to a certain technique or routine, very often I have to see how things go their own ways. I work in extremes. Means, after crazy packed weeks I have to find time to recover. Mostly this time still finds me 😉 I’m a devoted worker, which includes I can be sitting somewhere and staring holes in a white wall. Or into a material. That’s also work, since then blurs are clearing up. So, it’s a mix between very physical material fights and breeding in silence. I can get impatient sometimes, but in the end it always finds me. What are some of your favourite sources for information? Grumpy sexists at construction sites and hardware stores. And the rest is also pretty regular. Paper, screens, conversation. And – work-related – ideally going to where I want to have information about. How does social media influence your life? I try to disconnect a lot and use social media in waves. I need plenty of alone-time to dig out the essence of each individual project. And for life in general. But of course, professionally I need social media to stay informed and inform others for example about upcoming shows. And to answer your questions!  
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