Interview Hadley Hudson, Photographer, Munich/NewYork

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Where are you living?
I’m living between Munich and NYC

What inspires you?
My friends….I am extremely lucky to have inspiring friends whose work I appreciate in all forms…from artists to writers to ER doctors to shamans…my friends continually challenge me and support me at the same time.

My son…He has an incredible sense of humor and knows how to make me laugh more than anyone.
My dreams..I started studying Jungian psychoanalysis which places a heavy emphasis on dreams. Dreams are a direct link to the unconscious, they express the voice or language of the unconscious. They have provided answers, solutions, and also images which I have used in my photography.
Tell me about what you do?
I am a photographer. My heart is in portrait/documentary photography although I shoot fashion, as well.
What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
It depends on which city I am in.

When I am in NYC I get up and go running over the Williamsburg Bridge or at the Hudson River Park. I usually get the best ideas when I am running.

If I am in Munich, I run in the English Garden which is incredibly gorgeous and reminds me of something out of a 19th Century German Romantic painting.
After that I work on my book project. I am in the process of finishing my first photo book. It’s a documentary series about models at home.
What are some of your favourite source for information?
I read the New York Times, the Guardian, Salon, Zeit.de and Vice.com quite frequently. My favorite visual blog is www.thisisnthappiness.com and also http://lens.blogs.nytimes.com/
How social media influence your life?

I find Facebook quite draining although it has become a source of news, as well. I prefer Instagram…it feels more immediate and intimate.

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