Interview Alberto Madrigal, Artist and Illustrator, Berlin

You can find a lot of pictures of my work on my webpage:

Where are you living?

I come from Spain, live in Berlin


How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)

I’m 33 years old.


What inspires you?

I get inspiration from the city, the people around me and cinema, novels and photography. I like to sit on a cafe and observe the people, draw them while I think about a story and how can I develop it.


Tell me about what you do?

I am a comic artist and illustrator. I have drawn three books, two of them as a writer as well.



What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

I normally go to the studio at the morning around 10 am and start to work until 18:00 on the afternoon. I always have a book that I’m working on. I need at least two years to do one so in the meanwhile I do another jobs as illustrator.


What are some of your favourite sources for information?

The source of information is the people and of course the internet. As I draw the books I would search for photographs of the places where the story takes place. Without internet the process would be very slow.


How does media influence your life?

I use social media mainly for my work, to promote my self. It’s a good way to understand if people follow what you do and what they think about it.


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Author: tims