How to get more followers on Twitter?

1. Work on your profile.
a have an avartar that shows a clear face
b have a good und clear bio
c search for free pics and use a good one for the big picture on your twitter profil
2. post.
a interesting and thought-provoking tweets.
b interesting links.
c multimedia. looking for free pics on
3. get an account.
three plattforms are free i use linkedin, fb, twitter
4. post minimum 5 tweets a day. with help from hootsuite
5. some days you add 5-10 tweets to your regular schedule. (5 tweets)
6. Use hashtags.
7. Follow everyone who follows you.
8. Repeat your most popular tweets.
9. Questions? @SchusterTimo

10.  PDF-137 sites The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook


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