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Interview Leman Sevda Daricioğlu, Queer performance artist /// they/them, Istanbul-Coronadays

Photo: Gülbin Eriş Where are you living? I’m based in Istanbul. How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) Almost 35. What inspires you? Philosophy; notions and concepts. Thinking about ethics, ontology of being, “the order of the things” (on Foucauldian way), the body, theself and relationships. Corporal researches: Using the body […]

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Interview Sylvana Seddig, Actress, Berlin -Coronadays

Pictures all with (c) Jeanne Degraa Links: (on my agency´s website there pictures a free to download) Where are you living? Berlin.How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) This morning I felt like 80. Well, 75. Tell me about what you do? I am a German-Greek woman. I am an actress. I am a […]

Interview Valeria Sigal, Artist, Buenos Aires Where are you living? I live in Buenos Aires, Argentina How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) I am 38 years old What inspires you? I am inspired by things like the finitude of life, empathy, free expression, silence, love, fragility. In my photographic work I mainly dedicate myself to […]

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Johns Hopkins Universität Johns Hopkins Universität Bundesländer Landkreise nach Zahlen vom RKI min. update von who. john hopkins…

Interview Lynn Bianchi, Artist, New York Where are you living? I have lived in Manhattan for over 40 years and recently moved to Brooklyn. Living in Manhattan was wonderful: we saw the city change over the years, which was fascinating. Brooklyn is much quieter, which I love and it has an exciting art scene as well. How old you are? […]

Interview Anna Bu Kliewer, Artist How old are you? 32, does this matter? What inspires you? Usually walking the city, I often wear coloured sunglasses to view things slightly different. Architecture and interior design inspires me in terms of shapes. I love looking at other people’s art, but struggle to use it as an inspiration, it often confuses […]

Interview Melanie Janisse- Barlow, Artist/Writer, Windsor + Toronto, Canada Where are you living? I live between Windsor, Canada (just a few minutes away from Detroit) and Toronto Canada How old are you? 47 What inspires you? Beautiful artifacts. Difficult situations. Staring up at trees. The human form. A place loaded with psychology. Tell me about what you do. I am a painter […]

Interview Léo Dorfner, Artist, Paris Where are you living?ParisHow old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)34 What inspires you?Movies, music, art and lifeTell me about what you do?I do paintings and drawings made of collusion of pictures, from internet or taken by me. I try to create a new meaning, and if possible poetry.What’s the structure of a […]

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