Interview Reiner Heidorn, Artist, Weilheim!amp

Last shows in Brazil, currently one in Atlanta and in Munich.


Where are you living?

I´m living in Weilheim, next to Munich.


How old you are?

Born 1966 in Bavaria.


What inspires you?

Our local landscape in November, my daughter, Pokemon, how people walk.


Tell me about what you do?

I´m mostly working on large scale canvases in modern expressionism. I have some monochrome Works, but in my recent series I do a conjunction of expressionism and asian manga style.


What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

Wake my daughter, walk the tiny crazy dog, I´m a trained musician on Sitar, too, I play everyday a few hours in Vilayat Khan Style. Going to my studio by bike and do some action with all my colors and canvases, pedal home, buy some stuff and cook a lot of food.


What are some of your favorite information sources?

I mostly check Facebook, because due to my connections it´s now a perfect daily newsmagazine for art, gallerists, shows and trends.


How does social media influence your life?

I love the internet, contacting nice people all over the world has never been so easy and effective. I mostly work with my Facebook Account and it is now sort of a very serious office for my artbusiness.


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