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You Can’t Backdoor a Platform

4 great #video #interviews Adam Grant @AdamMGrant

#Google’s #Innovation Rules

#Google’s #Innovation Rules written by @SusanWojcicki

1. Have a mission that matters

2. Think big but start small

3. Strive for continual innovation, not instant perfection

4. Look for ideas everywhere

5. Share everything

6. Spark with imagination, fuel with data

7. Be a platform

8. Never fail to fail

How to… create inventor,big business…

How the Metaphor of “the Cloud” Changed Our Attitude Toward the Internet


How Twitch Turned Video Game Voyeurism Into Big Business


How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend


How an F Student Became America’s Most Prolific Inventor

Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man

This Is the Mindset That Makes Elon Musk So Incredibly Successful by

How to get into Y Combinator

First, I’m going to put forward a model for how investors generally decide whether they should invest in a startup, which is all about de-risking. Investors think about four different risks of a startup:

1) Market Risk
2) Product Risk
3) Team Risk
4) Execution Risk]


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Sisyphus & Start-Up

Camus was the main culprit behind the dumb argument that Sisyphus had a meaningful life, rolling that rock repeatedly up the hill, only to have it roll down again.

8/ Classic signs: “ideas don’t matter, only execution does.” Or “hard work trumps talent” or “1% inspiration, 99% perspiration”

Sisyphus & Start-Up

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by @vgr

Best Startup tools.

This lists are really helpfull. Pick what you want, from time to time take a review. Write me what is usefull for you.

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An Epic List of 100 Growth Hacks for Startups



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Great Startup articles.

An Epic List of 100 Growth Hacks for Startups


The Early Pitch Decks of 5 Startups Before They Became Billion-Dollar Companies


The importance of innovation by @EU_Commission

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