How to get more followers on Twitter?

1. Work on your profile.
a have an avartar that shows a clear face
b have a good und clear bio
c search for free pics and use a good one for the big picture on your twitter profil
2. post.
a interesting and thought-provoking tweets.
b interesting links.
c multimedia. looking for free pics on
3. get an account. https://hootsuite.com/
three plattforms are free i use linkedin, fb, twitter
4. post minimum 5 tweets a day. with help from hootsuite
5. some days you add 5-10 tweets to your regular schedule. (5 tweets)
6. Use hashtags.


7. Follow everyone who follows you.
8. Repeat your most popular tweets.
9. Questions? @SchusterTimo

10.  PDF-137 sites The Twitter Government and Elections Handbook


bye,bye old marketing

In 2015 no one knows how to do marketing or whether it is at all meaningful. clearly a large part of work involved to old patterns. What makes a brand? following the agency scene and their CEOs , there is great perplexity. What does growth hacking? How can i get money from? there are wonderful times :-)))

why google,apple, facebook are succesfull :

“Shift tells us everything we wanted to know about the emerging digital economy but were afraid to ask.”

Shift: A User’s Guide to the New Economy

haydn shaughnessy(@haydn1701)

forbes-interview withe the author: The Most Wasteful Economic System Ever Invented?


4 key points to success:

1. connectors

2. ecosystem

3. plattforms

4. cloud

more article:



It’s Not All About “Me”: The Top Ten Techniques for Building Quick Rapport with Anyone

1)  Establish artificial time constraints

2) Make Sure Your Body Language is In Sync

3) Speak Slowly

4) Ask For Help

5) Suspend Your Ego

6) Validate Others

7) Ask: How? When? Why?

8) Quid Pro Quo

9) Give A Gift

10) Managing Your Own Expectations

It’s Not All About “Me”_Amazon