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#Musk,#Thiel and #Andreessen The tech billionaire has morphed from a libertarian into a corporate Nietzschean

#Trump #Pegida, #Afd… Why now?

The distances to the developing countries has declined , at the same time the distance of the rich has increased to the poor in the industrialized countries . It rivaled many low earners Global among themselves and the digitization / automating leads to more uncertain employment. From this mixture creates a mood against the establishment. […]

#Basicincome II #technology #digital

“……… But there are two things are for sure:  1.Even if I have a non-bullshit job now, I did many bullshit jobs to get here 2. My work matters to me, and I don’t like the suggestion that it’s worthless……” Tweets by azizonomics Tweets by MichaelRStrain  

#afd #brexit #trump und wie die Mitte verschwindet.

Die Abstände zu den Entwicklungsländern hat abgenommen, gleichzeitig nimmt der Abstand der Reichen zu den Armen in den Industrieländern zu. In Europa und USA verschwindet die Mitte, in Asien ensteht eine neue Mittelschicht. China sorgt für eine Deindustraliesierung des Westens. Die Arbeiter die im Westen freigesetzt werden müssen sich neue Jobs in der Dienstleistungsgesellschaft suchen. […]

How Technology Is Destroying Jobs

UPDATE 12.03.2015…………….lots of links about tech +jobs+robots   @amcafee @erikbryn   @RakeshKochhar self – employed workers. Using data the U.S….. PDF   The New Unemployment from @jwmares How Uber and its peers turned us into horrible bosses Work in Transition MIT technologyreview by @nanettebyrnes by @timoreilly   Who Will […]

why google,apple, facebook are succesfull :

“Shift tells us everything we wanted to know about the emerging digital economy but were afraid to ask.” Shift: A User’s Guide to the New Economy haydn shaughnessy(@haydn1701) forbes-interview withe the author: The Most Wasteful Economic System Ever Invented?   4 key points to success: 1. connectors 2. ecosystem 3. plattforms 4. cloud more article: […]

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