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Reinvent Yourself: The Playboy Interview with Ray Kurzweil


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Interview Raquel Nave, Actor/ Visual Artist, New York/ Los Angeles



Where are you living?
I am living in Brooklyn and Los Angeles.
What inspires you?
the human condition, woman, motherhood, dogma, darkness, freedom.

Tell me about what you do?

A visual artist in self portrait and documentary work

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

wake up early, bring my daughter to school, reading, writing, editing, script work, maybe some shooting, quiet evening, whiskey and a bath.
What are some of your favourite sources for information?

museums, bookstores, films, Google.
How does social media influence your life?

social media influences our everyday, sometimes with a positive wealth of information, sometimes negatively with an overwhelming amount pulling us from our own creative universe and truth. It’s a love hate relationship.

Interview Carol Roth, Entrepreneur/ Play Herself on TV/Author/ Investor, Chicago






Carol Roth is an on-air contributor for CNBC, a “recovering” investment banker, entrepreneur and best-selling author.

Where are you living?

I kind of live in an airplane.

Most of my shoes and my only husband are located in Chicago, so I call that home.  I spend at least one day a week in New York City and am often in other locales as well.


How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)

I’m basically an overgrown 8-year old.


What inspires you?

It would be easier for me to determine what doesn’t inspire me (housework).  I am incredibly curious, so I find inspirations in a variety of environments, geographies, people and more.  I’d probably be better off if I were not so easily inspired!


Tell me about what you do?

The short answer is that I am an entrepreneur and I play myself on TV.  My actual roles and activities encompass being a TV contributor, panelist, co-host and judge, currently on America’s Greatest Makers (Tuesday nights at 9p ET on TBS) and on CNBC, particularly the Closing Bell (4p ET Wednesdays on CNBC).  I write for many outlets, including a weekly column at Entrepreneur.com and have authored a bestselling book, The Entrepreneur Equation.  I’m a recovering investment banker who has completed more than $2 Billion in transactions.  I used to do more capital raising and M&A, now it tends to be more around joint ventures and licenses.  I do spokesperson and consulting work with brands like Microsoft and Bank of America and a ton of content creation.  I manage a team that does customer loyalty consulting.  I make investments and advise a few companies.  I speak and emcee for a variety of companies and entities.  I am launching a legacy planning product.  Let’s just say that I’m busy.


What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

Based on the above, there’s no typical day.  In the first quarter of the year, I’ve taped a full TV series and done more than a dozen live shows. I’ve written dozens of pieces of content.  I’ve hosted a live event for Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic.  I’ve done speaking engagements for Entrepreneur and Microsoft, among others.  I’ve gotten a software product out of alpha and into beta.  I’ve helped one of the start-ups that I advise raise around a million dollars.  I’ve managed the licensing of major properties with Fox and Hasbro for a client and done a successful fan club launch, amongst other endeavors. It never gets boring, that’s for sure.


What are some of your favourite sources for information?

Twitter is my favorite source for information, hands down, as it lets me quickly view curated information from top news outlets and journalists, as well as people that I admire and who are just good at finding information. Since my personal and professional interests span business, the markets, politics, sports, fashion, entertainment and more, it’s a great way to get up to speed quickly and then be directed to the appropriate outlets when and where I want to dive deeper into a subject.


How does social media influence your life?

I love social media, particularly Twitter (I’m @CarolJSRoth).  It has allowed me to make business and professional connections.  It provides an outlet for me to share worldwide my opinions and content. I even got into a fight that went viral.  It’s an integral part of my every day, with the exception of the two weeks+ a year that I do an electronic sabbatical.

Crowds on Demand #marketing #pr

Inside the company that provides fake paparazzi, pretend campaign supporters, and counterfeit protesters



article about #Platform #startup #digital


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Tech Savvy: Is It Time to Build Your Own Platform?

You Can’t Backdoor a Platform

After killing him in self-defense + Robert Crump+Sex workers #sex #crump



Robert Crumb Hates You

http://www.buzzfeed.com….Last summer, Neal Falls tried to murder Heather Saul — and police suspect she wasn’t the first escort he targeted.

Interview Tanja Selzer, Artist, Berlin



Where are you living?

In Berlin

How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)

45, a very good age

What inspires you?

People, the crazy ones, who teach me not to accept ostensible rules, to think and live as free and creative as possible

Tell me about what you do?

I’m an artist with a focus on painting. Right now I’m working on a project called „soul mate crash“. Technically it’s about the interface between painting and fotography. The content is about the unexpected and how to deal with it.

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?

My 2 kids force me to have a clear structure, a classical ninetofive working day. I’m very happy about that, otherwise I would sleep during the day, work in the night and get a depressive vampire

What are some of your favourite sources for information?

I listen to the radio the whole day and I love the internet

How does social media influence your life?

I’m addicted


Schaumfrau 130×220 cm 2012 #painting #berlin #tanjaselzer #thefemalegaze #retrospective

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