branding 2015 II

There are two articles. one from McKinsey and the other from harvard business review. i like the hardvard article a lot. they say that brand value of a company is falling to 10%(2013) from 18%(2003) and customer relationship values doubled (climbing from 9%(2003) to 18%(2013).

what do you think?


bye,bye old marketing

In 2015 no one knows how to do marketing or whether it is at all meaningful. clearly a large part of work involved to old patterns. What makes a brand? following the agency scene and their CEOs , there is great perplexity. What does growth hacking? How can i get money from? there are wonderful times :-)))

Mindset to growth #startup

In my time as professional athletes , there were ups and downs . what I now was only clear : I had a static self-image .
at the end defeats led not to work harder . This has changed with the years . simply because it is too stressful and disappointing was through a static self-image live to go .


smartest sites i know about personal life and startup’s

Smartes sites i know for personal life and startup’s