Interview Alexa Karolinski, Filmmaker, Los Angeles/ Berlin

Karolinski's first major film was Oma & Bella, a documentary about her grandmother and her grandmother's friend and roommate. 
Both women were Holocaust survivors. The film features the two women cooking and discussing their lives

Support her new film project:

Where do you live?
I share my time between LA and Berlin

How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)

What inspires you?
everything around me

Tell me about what you do?
I’m a filmmaker

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
coffee, emails, walk the dog, emails, writing or shooting, watch videos, maybe a movie … it depends!

What are some of your favourite sources for information?
the internet.

How does social media influence your life?
It’s part of my life in a natural way. something I just do, like speak

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gnarly LA sky. Poor forests.

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Antifragile-Nassim Taleb

Taleb sees his main challenge as mapping his ideas of “robustification” and “anti-fragility“, that is, how to live and act in a world we do not understand and build robustness to black swan events.


i love it….Kamasi Washington: The Epic (2015) review + live video

Best #Blogs..Magazines..Plattforms…Authors i read. 2016 @schustertimo










Coorperation between Open Mind and Harvard Business Review: Whitepapers brain food. tech, culture, blogs…

Essays from

My goal is to help you go to bed each night smarter than when you woke up. I’ll do this by giving you tools, ideas, and frameworks for thinking. picture blog. great.

Ribbonfarm is a longform blog founded in 2007 by Venkatesh Rao and devoted to unusual takes on familiar themes. creativity, freelance, work, ideas….

Interview Danielle Geva, Startup Consultant, Toronto

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Pink Patio

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Where are you living?
Downtown Toronto.

How old are you? (if you don’t mind answering)
Older than I look.

What inspires you?
Books and movies with unexpected endings.

Tell me about what you do.
During the first half of the day I write and help startups.
In the late afternoon and evening, I listen to podcasts and create show notes for them on

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
See above. Add yoga before lunch, experimenting with vegan recipes for dinner, and reading before bed time.

What are some of your favourite sources for information?
Podcasts (esp. ), Twitter (esp. @francoismat and @hunterwalk), and Snapchat Stories.

How does social media influence your life?
My first gig as a freelancer was managing social media accounts, most of my closest friends were first social media connections, and I met my fiancé on Twitter.

Jamie Bartlett. The Dark Net. videos,article…

UPDATE 02/09/2016


The attack that broke the Dark Web—and how Tor plans to fix it




On this week’s podcast, presented by Leigh Alexander, we meet Jamie Bartlett, director of the Centre for Analysis of Social Media and author of The Dark Net. He discusses the ethical nuance of these hidden online communities and why his conversations with the net’s outliers, from neo-Nazis to pro-anorexia activists, revealed a strange twist on our cultural norms that are not as easy to condemn as might be imagined.

How to… create inventor,big business…

How the Metaphor of “the Cloud” Changed Our Attitude Toward the Internet


How Twitch Turned Video Game Voyeurism Into Big Business


How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend


How an F Student Became America’s Most Prolific Inventor

Elon Musk: The World’s Raddest Man

This Is the Mindset That Makes Elon Musk So Incredibly Successful by

Interview Daniela Schiffer, Co-Founder, Berlin



Where are you living?

How old you are?

What inspires you?
That’s not an easy one. What drives me is that I really want to change and improve things. That’s like the baseline. For my work I take inspirations from everywhere, things I read in articles and books, things I see in daily life or things I learn when talking with friends.

Tell me about what you do?
I have founded a startup,

together with my partner Markus.
With Changers we bring people onto their bikes and into using public transport. We have build an app, that measures the kilometers you traveled and calculates your individual CO2 balance. Every sustainably traveled km earns you a bonus point, our so called Recoins.
We license this app to companies, to help them motivate and reward their workforce for doing something good for themselves and the environment. Thus building a sustainable bonus system in which users, companies and cities can be integrated.

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
First – I try to sleep as long as I can, so my mornings are stripped down to the essential smile emoticon
If I can make it, I am out of the door in 15 minutes, no breakfast no nothing (I know, bad habit). Fist coffee is in the office. Sometimes I put a little yoga in between and if I am in super hero mode, I go running for like 45 min.
Then off to the office. Coffee. Being a founder means, you have at least 5 different jobs, and that’s what structures my day. So I start writing our monthly financial report to the investors, than am off to a product meeting discussing some feature, than I contact a couple of journalists, talk to clients, do some sales calls, clear some things with our hardware manufacturer, next meeting regarding some UX decisions, that have to be made – and then it’s lunch time wink emoticon Well, you get the idea.
That’s what I truly love, that my work is so incredibly divers and that I have the opportunity to learn on so many levels.

What are some of your favourite sources for information?
My main information source is the internet of course. Then it depends, what kind of info I am looking for. Sometimes I am looking for news or articles on a certain topic, sometimes I have to dig deeper and look for research papers on that particular topic. It really depends, what you are looking for.
If I have questions regarding management or some typical founders issues, I also like to talk to other entrepreneurs. Having a network of people whom you can talk and ask any kind of questions, is super valuable for me. It’s like a support group and believe me, sometimes, when it gets tough it’s good to get all the support you can get.

How does social media influence your life?
Well – again, I think I use social media most for information purposes and sharing stuff I am interest in. I am rather reserved when it comes down to posting private things, but of course use it quite extensively for our company.

I think, the biggest influence on my life is, that I can keep in touch with friends, who are living all over the world, so much easier than before. And you get back in touch with people whom you haven’t seen in a long time. This is really beautiful.
Other than that I try to keep the chatter out of my life as much as possible and be very selective about the channels I use

Interview Fluorescent Hill,art collective, Montreal

Fluorescent Hill is an art collective comprised of Mark Lomond and Johanne Ste-Marie.

They are based in Montreal but try and kick cinematic ass all over the world.
They direct music videos, commercials, short films and traffic. When not making things move they make comics, posters, and design everything from your grandmothers apron to the deck she rides on the weekends.


Where are you living?
We are living in Montreal, Canada. Johanne is originally from here and Mark is
from Nova Scotia, which is further east on the coast.

How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)
Mark is 37 and Johanne is 35. Both of our birthdays are in December.

What inspires you?
That’s a tough question… Because there is a lot that inspires us. Music
is a big one. We listen to music all day at the studio. We watch a lot of
films. We’re big fans of independently published comics and illustration.
Photography. All art forms inspire us really.
Recent obsessions:


Jon Hopkins

Just about anything on the Numero Group Label

Film = Shane Carruth’s Upstream Colour


Steve “ESPO” Powers,

Femke Hiemstra,

Tell me about what you do?
We are an art duo called Fluorescent Hill. We’ve been collaborating on a
variety of projects for almost 13 years now. We began as Music Video
Directors, and did exclusively that for almost 7-8 years. We branched out
into advertising a few years ago and have recently just published a comic
book. We do illustration and design on the side. We’re currently in pre
production on two short films and we’re finishing up a script for a long
format story that will hopefully go into pre production soon.

What’s the structure of a typical day like for you?
A typical day starts with coffee. Then we head out to the studio around 10
or 11am. Get as much of the business side of the work out of the way such
as emails, phone calls, updating social media sites etc…
Grab some lunch and if all goes well it’s time to get to making some art,
whether that’s writing or designing for our current projects. We typically
work a 10 hour day, a lot more if we’re in production on a commercial.
After all that, we probably hit the gym to clear our heads, make dinner,
watch a movie or read. It’s not very eventful.

What are some of your favourite sources for information?
There’s a few sites we like to visit to see what our favourite artists are
up to, seems everyone out there has a blog or tumblr so there is always a
fresh list of incoming art. Instagram feeds from our art friends are
always fun. Stash Magazine, Cartoon Brew, The Playlist, Vimeo, Twitter

How does social media influence your life?
When we first started directing, youtube didn’t even exist yet, sharing a
music video or film was far more difficult, and took a lot longer. Now
it’s just so easy and the amount of information and work out there is mind
boggling. So your work gets out there quickly, but can disappear just as
easily. Twitter, instagram, facebook, vimeo and our blog, that’s a bout
all you need and I’m sure over time that list will be different, either
shorter or longer. These sites come and go so quickly losing fashion with
the populous. We try not to join every site that starts up and just focus
on the ones that fit into our day to day life. So when we update with new
work or what we’re up to such as film fests or behind the scenes stuff, it
fits seamlessly into our life and doesn’t distract from the purpose of
creating art.

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Keep it clean kids!

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