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  Where do you live? Mission, San Francisco How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) 33 What inspires you? Giving others a platform to excel. Building things (teams & products) and then optimizing them. Tell me about what you do? I’m an engineer, and have been building software for most of my life. Now I help building a software company that creates technology allowing others to build, deploy and manage software much easier. We are essentially treating an entire datacenter or cloud like one big computer – this allows programmers to write distributed applications much quicker and with a fraction of the amount of code. That way engineers can be much more innovative which is the foundation for technological breakthrough. Apache Spark for example is one of the most advanced data analytics framework out there, it was built as an example application showcasing our technology – it increases the speed and drastically reduces the cost of data processing such as whole genome sequencing. Spark is used to find a cure for cancer and develop new medicine but also in many other fields. It wouldn’t have been possible to build without our software as a platform. Today’s software is mostly a distributed application – in this new “mobile/cloud” era, millions of devices are connected to thousands or tens of thousands of interconnected systems – an example for this is Twitter’s infrastructure. We manage this infrastructure and optimize it – because most of the time, most servers aren’t used – average utilization is around 10% – we drastically increase the utilization to 35%-40%. I couldn’t be more excited about what our team is building – we’re redefining the way that software is written, deployed and managed. I am fortunate that I get to work with the best team in the industry. What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I get up at 5:45 am, head to the gym or go for a run. I try to be at work around 7:30am to go through emails, at 8am my meeting marathon begins. I do a 1:1 with each of my direct reports once a week. I hold the weekly estaff meeting, attend product, marketing/sales-interlock and our weekly all-hands meeting. I spend a few hours a week on product. Most of my weekdays end with a work dinner, either with a candidate, partner or customer. I also travel a lot between San Francisco, New York and our office in Hamburg, Germany. What are some of your favourite sources for information? Twitter, Spiegel Online, Brand Eins (German business magazine), Economist, some glogs and Wall Street Journal. Most of them online. The most recent awesome blog-post I read was this one: http://waitbutwhy.com/2015/12/the-tail-end.html. How does social media influence your life? I use Twitter a couple of times a day.@flo It’s a constant stream of news and inspiration.

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