Interview Marcela Sapone, Co-Founder and CEO of Hello Alfred, New York

Articles by Marcela Sapone
About Hello Alfred
Where do you live? Brooklyn, NY How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering) 29 What inspires you? People. Life is with people, they are why I get up in the morning, they can challenge you and help you learn all of life’s lessons. In business and life it is all about – it’s only about – how you make people feel. Tell me about what you do? I am the co-founder and CEO of Hello Alfred, the home operating system that integrates diverse on-demand and local services and delivers them past your door at the hands of a trusted, dedicated home manager (Your Alfred). What’s the structure of a typical day like for you? We start as a team everyday at 9am and state our goals for the day. Then I am in and out of the office meeting people, going on Alfred runs, talking to partners, customers, working on the product, writing, and helping people get shit done. What are so me of your favourite sources for information? Twitter, JasonHirschhorn REDEF, linkedin pulse, Pocket, the New Yorker, a curated group of friends How does social media influence your life? I like to live in the present and sometimes share the experience and things I’ve learned – twitter is my preferred medium to do that @mssapone
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