10 Things i learned in 25 years.

  1. Competive sport is a great education.
  2. Knowing some artist makes you fit for life. 1)the living the unsecure 2)the need less money for life 3) the know how to enjoy the life 4) they always looking for new ways of creating something.
  3. Always read books. I made the mistake and missed that point for some time.
  4. Make things and share it. I didn`t showing my photos to the people enough.
  5. To be happy, build friendships in the youth. Later they are maybe lifetime friendships. Competive sports in the youth is great for that.
  6. Read art books, go to exibitions and talk about it. You can use the knowledge in many parts of your life.
  7. If you live in Berlin and doing art, have friends how making art AND also frienships with people how have dayjobs.
  8. Never stop learning. There are great books and stuff for free at online universitys. I like the U.S.A. autors, mostly they have a blog and a twitter account.
  9. To learn coding you didn`t need an offical education. (for germans 🙂 ) You just need brain + passion for it.
  10. Start in your youth with a diary


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