Frank Black – Ludwigshafen

Lyrics Let’s get away Let’s go to Ludwigshafen I know that when we get there That I will feel just fine Let’s have a plague Get them Spanish out of their coffins Answer to my prayer Sechs Sieben Null Fünf… Continue Reading


“ihr kollege hat gesagt wir können bis hier vorfahren. “das ist ein arbeiter und bauernstaat.  hier gibt es keine kollegen.” “ok. der bauer da hinten hat gesagt….” konsequenz. durchreiseverbot durch die ddr und gratisgutscheine per flug nach hannover.

Wolfgang Welt Gastbeitrag: Mike Litt über Wolfgang Welt Zum Tod von Wolfgang Welt!5314749/

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Interview Sandra Mann, Artist, Photographer, Curator and Lecturer, Frankfurt Where are you living? I´m living in Frankfurt, Germany and I´m working here and abroad. How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)  I´m 45 years young. What inspires you? Inspiration I get by nature, quantum… Continue Reading

Interview Tata Kiani, Author + Host, Berlin

Tata Kiani   Where are you living? I live in Berlin How old you are? (if you don’t mind answering)  30ish What inspires you? Travelling, Berlin, London, my older sister, Music Tell me about what you do? I… Continue Reading

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Nan Goldin #art #artist #photography

Top tip: Don’t do it. There are way too many photographers. Try to draw or get politically involved in something that matters. And unless you need to make art to stay alive, you shouldn’t be making art. Influences these days:… Continue Reading

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